How strange it is that the 90s, which felt like they were on the cusp of the future before the turn of the millennium, now seem antiquated and dated. Getting porn online then was a matter of patiently waiting for still images to load over a dial-up modem.

Forget streaming video, it was nonexistent in the 1990s. The biggest medium for porn was, surprisingly, cable TV, with the Playboy channel and its cousin “Skinemax” as it became known for softcorepornography after hours. DVDs and magazines were more popular. In a way, porn was more tangible, something you had to go to the store and buy. However, change was just around the corner. Here’s a trip down the slippery side of nostalgia lane, as we revisit the top hot porn stars of the 1990s.

Jenna Jameson

This blond dish of American applesauce is the grand matriarch of porn now, reaching middle age as the regal “queen of porn.” She’s also cashed in her celebrity into an adult industry activist, speaking out for political and social causes. She’s penned an autobiography, and when it comes to porn awards, she’s as likely to be handing them out, though she has won two AVNs in in 1997 and an XRCO in 1995.

Jill Kelly

A California-born blond with an attitude to match, she’s an AVN Hall of Fame inductee and AVN award winner in 1997, as well as taking two XRCO awards in 1995 and 1997. She also had an extensive career acting in B movies, which may not be top film credits, but were certainly within the mainstream.  She even has a secondary cult following for some of her non-porn B movies.

Asia Carrera

This New York born Asian was legendary for her performances throughout the 1990s, and has since made a name for herself even outside the porn industry. Retired from her body of work in the 21st century, she surprised the public by coming out as a member of MENSA – the society for people with genius-level IQs – yet despite her celebrity status, MENSA’s website won’t link to her site. How stigmatized can you get?


With the full name of Celeste Star, this glittery diamond is a former Penthouse pet with 180+ performance credits to her name. She won both AVN and XRCO awards in 1994. She’s both a former cheerleader and surfer, showing appreciation for the fun life.

Ashlyn Gere

An untamed Scottish wildcat, she played a part in over 230 productions throughout the 1990s and even came back for a couple curtain calls as late as 2007. She became a 4x XRCO award winner in 1992 and garnered another award from Legends of Erotica in 1997. She also has had a mainstream film career, in a few B movies and even mainstream TV series.